All Power To The Positive! Vol#7, Episode #7.


“There is the story of the man who drops his gold off of a ship. He dives into the water after his gold. He drowns. Did he own the gold, or did the gold own him?

Such is the nature of the reactionary state. Even in the unlikely event that progressive forces get into power within the old state, they do not end up owning the state. Rather, the state ends up owning them. They do not capture the state, the state captures them.

Through the process of capturing the old state on its terms, progressive forces become transformed into their opposite. They cannot help but become part of the system even if they claim to oppose it. The old state is not ready-made just waiting to be staffed by revolutionaries. The old state cannot simply be captured, it must be smashed. It must be destroyed. The Old Power must be swept away; a New Power must be built in its place.”

 – Orientation, Leading Light Communist Organization.



“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Renegade” – Jay Z

“Mask Off”- Future

“Moves” – Big Sean

“See You Again” – Instrumental Karaoke cover



“Gone” – Kap Slap

“Earth, Wind & Ozzy (Mash-Up)” – DJ Cummerbund

“Don’t Arouse My Anger” – Haj Jones

“Happy (UMC remix)” – Pharrell Williams

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke 



Mumia Abu Jamal, Survivors Of Racist Attack In Portland, Seattle Police Vs. Charleena Lyles [and her unborn child] (RIP/FTP), and MORE…!

Explicit, graphic, and at one point, potentially triggering. It’s getting harder and harder to stay “positive”.

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