All Power To The Positive! Vol#7, Episode #4.

APTTP v7 e4“In its offensive against the state, the urban guerilla cannot resort to terrorism as a weapon.”

― Red Army Faction


“Water On My Face” – Lil Yachty

“Half Tank” – Lite Fortunato

“Houston Latin Mic Pass” – Lucky Luciano, Chingo Bling, Low G, Flatline, Stunta, Coast, Big Cease, Lilyoung, Sen, Grade A, Villain, Filero. GT Garza, Dat Boi T, Trails & Bunz

“Neat” – Stein

“Cant Hold Us” – Macklemore



“The Devil Man” – Sixfingerz

“Livin’ In The USA” – Steve Miller Band

“I Get It” – C Ham & DJ Bitznpieces

“Don’t Want That” – Dirty Scientifix

“Rise And Decolonize” -Julie C and Sista Hailstorm

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke



Sensei Lewis and Jacob Brown on police terrorism and U.S. history, The CIA and Nazism, and More. EXPLICIT.

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