All Power To The Positive! Vol#7, Episode #3.

WUGD -evolve

“There is a reason why Third Worldists refer to First Worldists in the imperialist countries as social fascists. We are living in a day and age where imperialism has advanced capitalist centralization of wealth on a global level. The rich countries rape, plunder, pillage, impoverish and enslave the poor countries, coercing and bombing them into submission. If the “leaders” of the third world will not sell out their people and submit their resources and labor to the imperialists, their countries are subject to invasion, slaughter, and ultimately destruction.

This is not some kind of secret that only a chosen few know; there are no conspiracy theories or men in suits lobbying in smoke filled rooms. This is common knowledge. Unfortunately, it is common knowledge which, today, few in the First World choose to think about or even acknowledge. Today, the First World’s primary source of wealth and labor is the Third World.

When First World peoples, especially First World workers, want more, when they want an increase in their living standards, they are taking that new barbecue or 3D flat-screen right out of the mouths of Third World peoples. They are using luxury and commodity fetishism to rob the Third World of simple austerity measures.  They are taking more and more from those who are already barely surviving: those who produce but cannot eat from the fruit of their labor.”

– Modern Marxist (LLCO.Org)


“Allahu Trapbar #2” – ZwiReK 

“Breathe” – Fabolous 

“Shanty Town (Redux)” – Desmond Dekker

“King Tut” – Busta Rhymes 

“Hiii Power” – Kendrick Lamar

“Last Dayz” – Onyx 



“Somewhere” – Supaman 

“Ghetto Story”– Baby Cham, ft. Alicia Keys

“Lean On” – Major Lazer, ft. Jind Mahi  and Ricky J (Vidya Mashup Remix) 

“Who Ready” – Alia Sharrief 



George Carlin (RIP) on ameriKKKan Bulls–t, Sensei Lewis and Jacob Brown on Emperor Trump (etc), and a lot MORE. EXPLICIT.  Click on the image above for yet another #PunchANazi Remix.

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