All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #22.


“There really can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. And there can be no truth, unless someone rises up to tell you the truth.”   – Louis Farrakhan.



“Always Made It” – Prince Dre

“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Astronomy” – Black Star

“Joy” – Issac Hayes



“Burn Your Village To The Ground” – A Tribe Called Red

“Same Problems” – Raz Simone, ft. Gifted Gab and Fatal Lucciano

“Adrenaline” – The Rush Project

“Africa” – Yemi Alade, ft. Sauti Sol 

“I Bid You Good Night” – Neville Brothers



Police terrorism in Oklahoma & North Carolina, Marx and Engels on Colonies and The Labor Aristocracy, Indigenous Resistance at Standing Rock, and MORE! Very EXPLICIT, btw.

Go here to read Sensei Lewis’ latest on the housing crisis in Seattle, what is being done, and how to move even further, faster.

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