All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #18.

Block The Bunker - WUGD

“They want us to give up another chunk of our tribal land. This is not the first time or the last time.” 

-Sitting Bull


“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Chuck Norris” – Troy Ave

“Twenty-Five Miles” – Edwin Starr

“Make Me Use It” – Young Chop



“Sioux Honor Song” – Sioux Nation

“Domestic Imperialism” – Gabriel Teodros

“Vampires” – Mic Crenshaw

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Brian and Thomas Owens



Dakota Access Pipeline and 500 Years of Native Resistance, Sensei Lewis and Jacob Brown on White Vigilantism and the Seattle Police Bunker, and MORE…!  BTW, this show remains AMAZINGLY EXPLICIT.

Click here to watch thugs from Energy Transfer, the owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline, assault men, women, and children. Contact them at their Dallas headquarters NOW and tell them that kkkrap will not be tolerated. Even more information about this project here.

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