All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #13.

WUGD- Dawg

“For us there is always armed struggle. There are two kinds of armed struggle; the armed struggle in which the people fight empty handed, unarmed, while the imperialists or colonialists are armed and kill our people; and the armed struggle in which we prove we are not crazy by taking up arms to fight back against the criminal arms of the imperialists.”

– Amilcar Cabral.


“Dodging Bullets” – Kosher Dillz

“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Work From Home” – Fifth Harmony

“Law” – Yo Gotti, ft. E40

“Lonely Is The Night” – Billy Squire



“Get Ready” – Young Paris, ft. M1 of dead prez (EXPLICIT)

“Assata” – Glenn Waco, ft. Neka (EXPLICIT)

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – HER



Omali Yeshitela (African Peoples Socialist Party) on why theory matters, Bernadette Devlin McAliskey (Irish Republican Socialist Party) reads Mumia Abu-Jamal, Anti-Police Terrorism Rally in San Francisco (Remix), and MORE…!

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All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #12.

WUGD-Amerikkka Great 4 Whites

“There cannot be peaceful coexistence in the ideological realm. Peaceful coexistence corrupts.”  

– Jiang Qing


“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“What U Mean?” – Dae Dae

“Heathens” – Twenty-One Pilots

“Prove Me Wrong” – Apollo Brown and O.C.

“Bad Guy” – Blue Sky , Black Death



“Jamaica Funk” – Tom Brown

“Uncle Ike’s” – Spekulation (EXPLICIT)

“Donald Trump” – Mac Miller, ft. Donald Trump (EXPLICIT)

“Trouble Waters” – Da Cotton Pickers, ft. Fleetwood (EXPLICIT)

“A Change Gonna Come” – Shaylah Fearing



Mumia Abu-Jamal, Sensei Lewis, Jacob Brown, and a lot more!

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All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #11.

“First and foremost, you do not have to live up to or emulate the lives of any of your predecessors. But at the very least, you should know about them. You will have your own life, interests, and ideas of what you want or do not want in life. Do what you enjoy doing. Be honest with yourself and others. Don’t think of satisfying anyone: your elders, peers, government, religion, or children who will come after you. Develop meaningful ideals, and become conscious of others, their existence, and their lives.”

– Yuri Kochiyama


“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Dead Or In Prison” – Lil Bibby

“Luv Dem Gun Sounds” – Wocka Flocka Flames

“Curve Ball” – Honey Cocaine

“Hip To Da Game” – Lord Finesse

“Right Now” – Celph Titled



“I Wanna Be Your Lover” – Prince (RIP)

“This Is America” – Spekulation, ft. Michele Khazak (EXPLICIT)

“Do The Digs Dug” – The Goats (EXPLICIT)

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke



Mumia Abu-Jamal (, Throwback remix: “F–K You Judge” (EXPLICIT), Sensei Lewis, Jacob Brown, and a lot more. 

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All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #10.


“It’s unacceptable and ultimate failed reporting when local media helps to perpetuate fossil fuel propaganda. it’s a sign of desperation to scoop so low.

It would be reporting if you showed up and documented a sleeping activist being woken up at 5am with gun pointed to their face. you would have witnessed the police’s blockade, and [police] not allowing organizers to grab their belongings.

It’s easy for media and locals to complain about our ‘trash’ when we should be worry about the refineries’ waste and pollution. the fact that this bullshit propaganda is getting more attention than the reality that all of us left the refineries with headaches and sore throats is evident that it’s all a distraction. a distraction from the fact the refineries are on unceded Coast Salish territories, distraction from the cancer rates, distraction that we need a just transition from fossil fuels infrastructure.”

– Yin Yu.



“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Geechi Liberace” – Rick Ross

“Here” – Alessia Cara

“Day By Day” – Reef Royals



“God Vs. Religion” – I.Sheik, Awdbawl, Mikail, & DJ Packo

“Dont Let Them Get Away With Murder” – Jasiri X.

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Wayne Brady



Sarra Tekola (Women of Color Speak Out; Seattle Black Book Club) live at #‎BreakFreePNW, Sensei Lewis, Jacob Brown, and a lot MORE!

All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #9.


“Our mission is to do the work…Build power by building institutions, serve people, (re)educate the mind to cultivate a revolutionary consciousness, establish hope & peace by meeting people where they are at, develop allies who support Black liberation, transform predators into protectors, be collectively self-sufficient, develop a cadre of leaders/neighbor organizers that can work closely together or independent if need be, promote self-images of ourselves and establish concrete programs that is not only meeting the immediate needs of the people but is ultimately building a mass movement of people that is becoming organized to seize power!”

– Yusef Bunchy Shakur.


“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“I Took A Pill At Ibiza” – Mike Posner

“American Greed” –  AraabMUZIK

“My House” – Flo Rida

“I Mean It” – G Eazy

“Middle” – DJ Snake

“Groove Grease” – Jimmy McGriff

“Takeover” – Lion Riddims

“A Milli” – Lil Wayne



“Afrika Hot” – dead prez

“Never Give Up” – Jennifer Johns

“Whisper” – Ronnie Rain

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Humphrey



Jay-Z (freestyle), 6 Facts About The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Dr. Jared Ball on Colonialism in The U.$., and MORE…!

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All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #8.

WUGD F--K Rahm

“The majority of people who live in the United States (Amerikkka) are fools, frauds, and fascists to some degree. Sad, but true. It is one of the reasons why I teach what I teach.”

– Sensei Gregory C. Lewis.


“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Obsessed” – Mariah Carey

“Dreamin” – PartyNextDoor

“Sail” – Machine Gun Kelly



“DisAbility” – Khazm

“Sin Fronteras” – Poesia

“Destiny” – Moke & Tone

“Go Cut Creator Go” – LLCool J

“Someone Like You (Reggae Remix)” – Adele

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Bri Luv



The Bombing of the MOVE Organization, Israeli apartheid, God Damn Amerikkka, and a lot more. 

All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #7.

Ali vs Founding Fathers WUGD

“Nonviolence has failed on a global level. It has proven to be a great friend to governments, political parties, police departments, and NGOs; and a traitor to our struggles for freedom, dignity, and well-being. The vast majority of its proponents have jumped ship to cozy up to the media, the state, or wealthy benefactors, using any cheap trick, manipulation, or form of violence (like attacking fellow protesters or helping the cops carry out arrests) that comes in handy to win the contest, even if it means the division or death of a movement. Many have proven themselves to be opportunists, politicians, or careerists. And a principled minority who actually have remained true to their historical movements still have not answered for past failings or current weaknesses.”

-Peter Gelderloos.



“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” – Ice Cube

“Achievement” – G Eazy

“Thirsty” – E-40

“Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix cover)” – Luna

“Taxi Riddim” – Sly & Robbie



“Can You Call It Love” – Rodrigo Starz

“Rotten Fruit” – Araless

“Never Loved Us” – Jasiri X

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – T-Pain



Mumia Abu-Jamal ( on Solidarity, Lizzie Phelan on the REAL Syria, Sensei Lewis, Jacob Brown, and more, More, MORE…!

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All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #6.

Dog Says Shut Up - WUGD

“The colonialists care nothing for Africa for her own sake. They are attracted by African riches and their actions are guided by the desire to preserve their interests in Africa against the wishes of the African people. For the colonialists all means are good if they help them to possess these riches.”

– Patrice Lumumba


“Survival of The Fittest” – Mobb Deep

“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Let’s Groove” – Earth, Wind, and Fire (RIP Maurice White)

“Take A Look Around” – Limp Bizkit

“Vegas Nights” – J-Diggs, ft. Mitchy Slick



“Return of The Black Man” – Talib Kweli, G. Huff, & Will Blaze

“White Privilege 3” – Gyasi Ross

“The Hardway” – English Frank

“BlackLifeMother” – DoNormaal

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – The Dream



Omali Yeshitela (African Socialist International): “Assume responsibility for [your] own liberation!” Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report) On The Black Misleadership Class, Egyptian State-Sponsored Terrorism, and MORE…!

Che Taylor: another Black man killed by Seattle Police. Go here to watch video of the protest.

All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #5.

Parasitic Imperialist Insect WUGD

“The overwhelming fact that the working class in the imperialist countries does not unite with the anti-imperialist struggles of the majority of the world’s people ensures that they acquiesce to the dominant ideologies and practices of their own ruling class’ racial-social management, whether nominally conservative or social democratic.
    The imperialist ruling class is able to keep the populations of their own nations from wishing to unite with the super-exploited nationalities by virtue of sharing out the enormous profits reaped from imperialism via the provision of high wage jobs, cheap imported commodities, [a] myriad welfare benefits and superior working conditions.”

– Zak Cope. “Divided World, Divided Class.”



“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Smoking Ganja” – Dub Activist

“Jump Around” – House of Pain

“Public Enemy No. 1” – Public Enemy

“Bend Don’t Break” – YRN Lingo

“Shutdown” – Skepta

“Simple Man” – Lynyrd Skynyrd



“Message To Macklemore (52 Weeks)” – Tef Poe

“Salud” – Wizdom and Epidemik

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Brotherly Love



Dr. Jared Ball on Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Compa Selena of the EZLN (en Espanol), and so much more.

All Power To The Positive! Vol#6, Episode #4.

White And Offended WUGD

“While the Roosevelt Administration and the two capitalist parties issued token statements of opposition to the war, the U.S. empire was close to the Italian empire. The Italian government had openly backed the election of then New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, with funds as well as words.  Pleased that President Roosevelt’s early New Deal cabinet included outspoken followers of Mussolini’s theories, Mussolini himself sent off a message praising ‘the intensive cult of dictatorship to which President Roosevelt is dedicating himself.’ “

– Sara and Tani; False Nationalism-False Internationalism.



“Pac-Man” – Mike Jones

“Start The Revolution” – Marcel Cartier

“Falling Sky” – JF Beats

“Thrift Shop” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Thatz My Name” – Sly Boogy

“1000”– Duke Da Beast

“Paul Revere” – Beastie Boys

“All Time Roots Riddim” – HighGrade Riddims



“Buck, Buck, Pass” – Paris

“Policía Basura” – Obeja Negra

“A Change Is Gonna Come” – Sam Cooke



Mumia Abu-Jamal ( The Genius of Huey P. Newton (Part 2), Anne Hirsch ( Reparations – A Revolutionary Demand, Sensei Lewis, Jacob Brown, and a lot MORE!

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